What Do You Need in a Bedside Alarm Clock?

It would be nice if you never had to use an alarm clock to wake up ever again. But, the reality is you need an alarm to make sure you are able to get everywhere you need to be on time. While many people are fond of using their phones as alarm clocks, there are some distinct advantages to using a bedside alarm clock.


Alarm clocks come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. A good bedside alarm clock can add character to your room and even take the edge out of having to wake up. When you are ready to buy an alarm clock you need to do more than just search for something like “alarm clock amazon”.


You want to get an alarm clock that makes your life better, not just one an alarm clock is cheap on Amazon.


A Clock That Helps You Sleep


The first thing you want in a bedside alarm clock is something that will help you sleep. This may seem strange since the purpose of an alarm clock is to wake you up in the morning. But, you also want a clock that won’t keep you up.


That means you need a clock that isn’t loud. The constant ticking of  clock by your bed drives some people crazy. You also want a clock that isn’t too bright. It’s hard to sleep when you see a bright light out of the corner of your eye all night.


Do Your Best Ideas Come in the Middle of the Night?


A great bedside alarm clock will be multipurpose. Do you find that you have some of your best ideas when you are trying to sleep? You need to capture these gems. But, typing on your phone can actually reset your internal clock and make it even harder to get to sleep.


You also don’t want to have to get out of bed to hunt down a pen and some paper. By the time you do all of that, you may have lost your great idea.


If you have an alarm clock that also doubles as a penholder, you can easily scribble down your brilliant ideas in the middle of the night.


Some clocks can even hold a small tablet or set of sticky notes as well.


Bedside Alarm Clocks That Make Waking Up as Pleasant as Possible


You don’t want your alarm clock to be your enemy. You need to find an alarm clock here the alarm will get you out of bed, but isn’t so loud and jarring that you want to chuck it across the room the second it goes off.


Everyone will have different tolerances and needs when it comes to the actual alarm sound. Some people enjoy alarm clocks that wake you up with a game. They have a target and you have to shoot the target to get the alarm to turn off.


What is most important is that you find an alarm clock that will let you start the day on time, but won’t also give you a headache.


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