Welcome To Alarm Clock Direct!

Welcome to Alarm Clock Direct!

Hi, there! If you are reading this, then that means that we have successfully launched our store! Welcome to Alarm Clock Direct, your one-stop-shop for all your timekeeping devices.

Why We Opened Up Shop

AlarmClockDirect.com was founded by two brothers who have a life-long passion... for oversleeping. Growing up, our parents had to do all sorts of things to try and get us up on time for school. They tried everything; yelling, banging pots and pans, and even throwing water at us. Nothing was working! It was not until we each found the right alarm clocks that suited our needs, that we were able to get on track. Shortly after we upgraded alarm clocks we both started getting better grades in school and even went on to become successful business partners that formed the DNS Direct Corporation. The happiness and success a few alarm clocks brought us is the basis for this store. To us, there is no better feeling than being on time.

What We Do

We’ve visited manufacturers far and wide in search of the best alarm clocks, the loudest alarm clocks, the cool alarm clocks, the best designed alarm clocks. If it is our store, then we have personally attested to its quality. We have tested all the alarm clock settings, set the alarm, set the clock, listened to all the alarm clock sounds, and made sure it can wake us from a deep sleep. Our products are an extension of us, which is why the clocks you choose will be the most reliable alarm clock, and the alarm clock to get you out of bed.
“My Alarm Clock, Is Your Alarm Clock”

What About My Phone Alarm?!

Any deep sleeper will tell you… alarms on your phone rarely get the job done. People have many issues with using their phone as an alarm. Think about how tiny those speakers are on your phone. Do you think there’s enough power in there to wake you up? What if the phone loses power overnight? What if the speakers get muffled under the covers? We recommend you do not count on your phone alarm when you need to make sure you are up. It’s a cliche at this point that one has to set a thousand alarms on their phones to get up. Why not have one that just gets the job done? Besides, you shouldn’t be using your phone before bed anyway. The LED backlight lowers melatonin levels, and prevents you from having a full, deep sleep. Set aside the phone at night and count on a bedside clock from our noisy armory.   

Enjoy Browsing Our Store!

In addition to bedside alarm clocks, we also feature desk alarm clocks, extreme alarm clocks, pencil case alarm clocks, alarms for deep sleepers, funny alarm clocks, natural light alarm clocks, gentle alarm clocks, alarm clocks for kids, novelty alarm clocks, and clever alarm clocks.
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